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    DIY Painted Bookcase

    bookcase before

    Yikes. That’s a messy bookcase. Mismatched baskets. Books out of order. Apparently since I’m short I figured that since I couldn’t see the top shelves they didn’t matter…

    I recently decided that my bookcases were in need of some major love. Organizing it is one thing, but they are still pretty blah. My first idea was to wallpaper the back of the bookcases with Daydream by Julie Rothman. The only problems with that idea were (1) it’s expensive and (2) I didn’t want to cover up gorgeous wallpaper with books and other things.

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    diy, for the home

    Hiding an Ugly Wall Unit Air Conditioner: IKEA Billy Bookcase Hack

    before after

    My condo is starting to come together. It’s also echoing less (due to the fact that I have furniture now). My living room had no lighting. I have been eyeing some arc floor lamps from West Elm for a while but couldn’t justify the $300+ price tag right now, so I picked up this lamp from Target and put it next to my couch. It made a big difference lighting my living room, but immediately drove the eye to my wall unit air conditioner. It’s very necessary but also quite ugly.


    I started brainstorming ways to cover the air conditioner where it was still easy to access in the summer. I realized my IKEA BILLY Bookcases were tall and wide enough to cover the unit. My brother confirmed he could cut out the back and I was sold. Off to IKEA!

    My brother helped assemble the unit and line it up against the wall. He traced and measured where the air conditioner unit would fit and sawed out a rectangle.



    Next I bought a wood board from Home Depot and cut it to fit in the top shelf. I painted it white to match the bookcase. I picked up gold door hinges and knobs from a local hardware store.




    From left to right. Sphere (gold spray paint DIY from Marshalls). Threshold Candle Holder from Target. Home Goods find.


    IMG_4738_2 IMG_4741_2 IMG_4744 IMG_4746_2

    Open in the summer. Closed in the winter.


    IMG_4752 IMG_4757

    Not only is my AC unit covered, but I also have a cute bookcase that adds some decor that adds to the living room. Win win.

    covering an air conditioner wall unit



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