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    DIY Chalkboard Wall Organizer

    IMG_1195 with title

    A couple times a year two of my friends from University of Wisconsin (Phoebe and Michelle) and I get together and do some sort of craft or DIY project. It started with carving pumpkins. Now we each pick something and hang out and make them. Isn’t this what all twenty-somethings do with a free weekend?


    I was inspired by this chalkboard wall organizer from Curate This Space. The condo I’m buying has a small kitchen. There is a small space between the kitchen cabinets and back door. I decided that a wall organizer would be a great fit for the area. It can house everything from dog collars and leashes to notes and letters. Plus it was a really easy project and I love the outcome. You will notice there are a few steps along the way (hint: paint colors) that don’t make it in the after photo, but many of my projects end up that way, so I am going to show the whole project (and the places where I changed my mind).

    Here is what you’ll need:

    • Metallic Gold Spray Paint (I used Design Master Premium Metals 24KT Pure Gold spray paint that I had left over from the DIY Starburst Mirror)
    • Martha Stewart Living Metallic Paint in Vintage Gold
    • Wood board
    • Knobs
    • Corkboard
    • Chalkboard Paint (I used the Craft Smart brand from Michaels)
    • Liquid Nails (or a good glue)
    • Clothespins (I found oversized black ones at Michaels)
    • Wood Basket (dollar section score from Target – thank you Easter)

    supplies final


    First, spray paint the knobs.

    photo 1 (1)


    photo 2 (1)

    Next, paint the wood board and basket with chalkboard paint. I ended up doing about 4 or 5 coats (the bottle said you need two but I did a couple extra and then one more because I spilled some paint on the surface). I had my brother drill three holes in the board for the knobs to screw in before I started painting.



    Trace a circle on the cork board using a round object (I chose a plate). Cut out the circle, and glue it on the board using Liquid Nails or a good wood glue. Glue on the clothes pins too.



    You will notice at this point the clothes pins and basket are painted in colors that are not in the after photo. I like the color, but since I don’t know what colors I’ll be incorporating in my kitchen just yet, I didn’t want to commit to these colors. Plus, I LOVE the gold and black look. So, after a trip to The Home Depot on Easter Sunday (thank you for being open!), I found the Martha Stewart Living Metallic Paint in Vintage Gold. It is very hard to find metallic paints that aren’t spray paints and since everything was already glued or screwed on the board, I didn’t want to mess everything up with spray paint. After a few coats, the basket and clothes pins were metallic gold. Not pictured: my brother attached the basket. You can also see this is where I spilled paint all over the board. Some words of wisdom: don’t shake the paint if it might be slightly open….

    IMG_1179 with note

    I then decided to paint the cork board too. I’m really happy with how it turned out!


    I touched everything up with another layer of chalkboard paint. According to the instructions on the chalkboard paint, you are supposed to cover the surface in chalk and erase it. So, that’s what I did once the paint dried.




    Then, I attached a piece of chalk to the basket with some twine.



    Here’s the final product!




    IMG_1197 IMG_1200 IMG_1201 IMG_1204



    for the home, for the pup

    Another Post for Maestro: Favorite Dog Beds

    Two posts for my dog in under a week… I suppose this one is more on-topic since dog beds really are part of a room. While you can’t go wrong with a solid-colored dog bed, I think it’s nice to choose one with a fun design that becomes a focal point in a room (versus hiding in the background). Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite dog beds from around the web…

    favorite dog beds

    1. Jax and Bones Marine Pillow Bed (Petswag) – $172
    2. Ikat Pet Futon (Up Country) – $74
    3. Jax and Bones Prism Pillow Bed (Petswag) – $178
    4. Romeo & Juliet Duvet (Molly Mutt) – $50
    5. Jax and Bones Seeds Pillow (Petswag) – $172
    6. Courtyard Grey Urban Lounger Dog Bed (Bowsers) – $199

    All beds are priced for sizes large or extra-large. 

    Of course, even with all of the great dog bed options, my dog always seems to end up in mine…


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    A Post for Maestro: Favorite Dog Collars

    When I started this blog, I intentionally didn’t make ‘dogs’ one of the three main topics that I’d post about. I could easily have a blog entirely about my dogs (I’m mildly obsessed), but figured I’d spare you. I adopted my mutt Maestro in February of 2012. Then in November of the same year, my parents adopted Pepper.

    I am always in need of collars for Maestro. Partially because I love the designs (and love buying anything for my dog), but mostly because Pepper takes collars off of Maestro’s neck and eats them.

    Does she even look guilty?


    After this incident, I ordered Maestro the Sail Flags Collar from Up Country (number 7 on this list). I loved this one! Note the past tense. Doesn’t Maestro look happy wearing it?

    maestro in collar

    This collar lasted about two months. Then, sadly, Pepper struck again.

    photo (1)

    Now Maestro is on another collar from Up Country, but I know it will not last forever, so I decided to create a round-up of some of my favorite dog collars. I think that the Out of my Box collar from See Scout Sleep and the Flame Red Arrowhead Print collar from Grey Paw Design are the next two on my list.

    favorite dog collars

    1. Nice Grill Cream + Black 1″ Brass Buckle Collar (See Scout Sleep) – $34
    2. Royal Blue Adjustable 1″ Wide Dog Collar: Arrowhead Print (Grey Paw Design) – $30
    3. Out of my Box Black + Cream 1″ Brass Buckle Collar (See Scout Sleep) – $34
    4. Braveheart Blue + Black 1″ Brass Buckle Dog Collar (See Scout Sleep) – $34
    5. Flame Red Adjustable 1″ Wide Dog Collar: Arrowhead Print  (Grey Paw Design) – $30
    6. Found Rope Collar Navy (Pet Swag) – $56
    7. Sail Flags Dog Collar (Up Country) – $21
    8. Best In Park Old School Stripe Collar (Pet Swag) – $45

    All prices are for a large size.

    diy, for the home, for the pup

    Magazine Strip Silhouette

    After coming across this pin on Pinterest (not sure about the original source of the image), I decided to make a magazine strip silhouette with my dogs.


    First, I took photos of both dogs. I chose this one for Maestro…


    and this photo of Pepper…


    Then, I gathered every magazine I could find and went to FedEx Office for the paper cutter. I tried to pick pages with a lot of color or fun designs and fonts.


    I printed both photos and cut them out (like silhouettes). Then it was easy to trace them on to the canvas. I chose a dark grey paint for the canvas because I love how grey makes colors pop.



    After the paint dried, I placed a strip on the silhouette, measured where to cut, and glued on the strip. I used regular Elmer’s glue and a small paint brush. It was a tedious process, but strip-by-strip, I filled in the silhouette.





    Here’s the finished project…


    The whole tutorial…

    magazine strip silhouette diy