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    The Apartment: Week Three

    It has been three weeks since I moved in to my new place. It is by no means done, but I’ve unpacked all but one box (that just has frames) which is quite an accomplishment since my weekends since moving have been filled with a trip to LA and the 80th birthday bash of the century for my Bubbie. I originally was going to wait until I felt done with the space to post pictures, but then I remembered that the word evolving is in my blog name and figured I’d post the progress along the way. It’s kind of fun to look back at some of those with the condo too.

    Before we get to the pictures, a really quick FAQ section…

    Why did you move?

    I wanted to be closer to work (really close actually) and closer to where I was spending more time outside of work.

    But won’t you miss your condo, you put so much work into it!?

    Of course I’ll miss it and the work I did. But I felt done with the space and ready for the next space.

    Why are you going from owning to renting? Are you insane?

    I did the owning thing and it was fine. I’m indecisive as a person and love designing so I really think I’m the kind of person that would be happy moving every three years (so yes, I am insane). I loved the character of an older building, but I’m excited for #alltheamenities of a new one. I’m sure I’ll buy again, but for right now, at this moment in my life, I’m happy to be renting. Read more…


    TREATYOSELF2017: LA Edition

    Inspired from the brilliant Donna and Tom from Parks and Recreation, my friends (Phoebe and Michelle) and I just returned from a treat yo’ self trip to LA. Yes, we did TREATYOSELF2017 in LA (if you’ve watched the show you’ll get the significance).

    We stayed in Venice Beach (at an Airbnb) and traveled around a bit during a long weekend (Friday – Monday). Here’s my vacation recap and a travel guide (if you like beaches, sunsets and food, you’ll like this travel guide).

    Day One: Venice Beach and West Hollywood

    We arrived in the early afternoon and had a horrible rental car experience (i.e. waiting over an hour for the car). So, we went immediately to In-N-Out burger because it’s delicious and we were starving. After eating our body weight in burgers, fries and shakes, we drove to the Airbnb in Venice Beach and started exploring the area.

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    DIY Dark Floral Bookcase (and some great dark floral art)

    Anyone else completely obsessed with dark floral art? There aren’t enough black heart emojis to accurately describe my love of dark florals. Just in case you share this obsession, I’ll include some of my favorite dark florals at the bottom of the post.

    A little background on this project and brief life update. Life update first: I moved, two days ago. I traded up vintage condo living for modern apartment renting. With that, came slight downsizing, and an entirely new home. A while back I came across this Dark Floral Wallpaper by Ellie Cashman Design. It was love at first site (I’m almost 100% certain love at first site can occur with home decor).

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    Austin 2017: Murals, Food & Friends

    In January I decided I needed a vacation, preferably somewhere warm. I was debating a couple options and ultimately (and easily) decided on Austin, Texas. I’ve been to Dallas a few times for my last job, but never Austin. Plus, I have a friend who just moved there (Sam) and a friend in Dallas who could drive down for the weekend (Margaret). SOLD.

    I decided to book a long weekend in February, arriving in Austin on a Friday and leaving on a Monday. It’s a quick flight from O’hare and definitely a great easy weekend trip.

    Day One

    On Day One, I flew in to Austin and Margaret drove down from Dallas and met me at the airport. We went immediately to a food truck stand for tacos and then pigged out on some Gourdough’s Big Fat Donuts. They are as big and fat as advertised.

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    2016 Travel

    2016 was a pretty good year for me travel-wise, so I decided to do a wrap up post of my favorite places and photos of the year.

    San Francisco, CA

    3.29.16 – 3.30.16 | work trip

    My first work travel of the year was Dallas but I don’t have any fun pictures from that so we’ll begin with San Francisco (one of my absolute favorite places). This shot was taken at Baker Beach at sunset.


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    2016 Year in Review & Best of

    Last year around this time I posted a round up of my top 6 posts and some 2016 goals.

    These were the goals.

    1. Home tours: I want to start doing home tours of other people’s homes. If you live in the Chicagoland area send me an email!

    I actually did this one! Woo! Check out Sam’s Dallas Apartment and Christie & Josef’s Evanston Condo


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