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    The Apartment: Month Four

    It’s photo day  🖤

    I wish that putting the mess behind the camera qualified as actual cleaning…

    Anyway, four months after moving in, I finally have some art up, a couple projects done, and, as of two days ago, blackout curtains. So, I figured this was a good time to do another apartment update. My style has definitely evolved since the condo; if it wasn’t already clear, my favorite color is black now. The apartment vibe is mid-century modern meets Scandinavian style, and I’m pretty happy with it (thanks white walls!).

    Enjoy the tour! Sources are at the bottom of each room.

    The Entryway

    The first impression. It brings me happiness when it’s clean (… and not filled with empty boxes from online orders).

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    Travel Guide: 3 Days in Rocky Mountain National Park, Denver and Boulder

    Yes, you read that right. Three days. One National Park. Two cities. If it wasn’t already clear, I don’t really do much relaxing when I travel…

    There are two important lessons I’ve learned in my 28 years of life:

    1. Travel often
    2. Find good travel friends

    Luckily, I found a great one – my friend Margaret who joined me on my impromptu Big Sur trip last year and Austin this year. So, when Margaret Instagram Storied that she was thinking of going to Denver, I did my best Liz Lemon and immediately replied “I want to go to there.”

    A couple days of checking calendars later and we were booked, Google Map and everything. How did people travel before color-coded Google Sheets and Maps?

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    DIY Pegboard Mug Storage

    I don’t DIY much these days, but recently decided to embark on a project. It was inspired by two things:

    1. My mom helped me unpack my kitchen during my move and told me I have way too many mugs
    2. The mugs were one shelf lower than my wine glasses, meaning I had to climb on a chair to reach my wine glasses, and I really wanted those more easily accessible

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    Epic 8 Day Utah National Park Road Trip

    Alternate title: The sort of 8 day trip that turned sort of 9 days thanks to a canceled flight. But more on that later.

    I’m about to attempt to cram 5 National Parks, 1 National Monument, 39.4 miles of hiking and one extra afternoon/evening stuck in Salt Lake City in to one post. Stick with me here and I promise you’ll be rewarded with (1) an epic vacation idea and (2) some pretty amazing photos.

    My cousin and I recently embarked on an 8(ish) day journey through 5 Utah National Parks and a National Monument. I had been to 4 of the parks before, but I’m always willing to go back for more. This was our route: Las Vegas > Zion National Park > Bryce Canyon National Park > Grand Staircase – Escalante National Monument > Capitol Reef National Park > Moab > Arches National Park > Canyonlands National Park > Salt Lake City

    Let’s begin at the beginning – Las Vegas.

    Day 1: Las Vegas > Zion National Park

    We landed in Las Vegas in the morning, picked up the rental car and drove immediately to In-N-Out before driving the 2.5(ish) hours to Zion. We stopped for some groceries for lunches and snacks for the week in St. George and arrived in Zion around 2 or 3pm. We had time for a hike so decided to do the Emerald Pools trail. There are 3 Emerald Pools: lower, mid and upper. It’s 3 miles round to the upper Emerald Pool.

    Emerald Pools Trail

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    The Apartment: Week Three

    It has been three weeks since I moved in to my new place. It is by no means done, but I’ve unpacked all but one box (that just has frames) which is quite an accomplishment since my weekends since moving have been filled with a trip to LA and the 80th birthday bash of the century for my Bubbie. I originally was going to wait until I felt done with the space to post pictures, but then I remembered that the word evolving is in my blog name and figured I’d post the progress along the way. It’s kind of fun to look back at some of those with the condo too.

    Before we get to the pictures, a really quick FAQ section…

    Why did you move?

    I wanted to be closer to work (really close actually) and closer to where I was spending more time outside of work.

    But won’t you miss your condo, you put so much work into it!?

    Of course I’ll miss it and the work I did. But I felt done with the space and ready for the next space.

    Why are you going from owning to renting? Are you insane?

    I did the owning thing and it was fine. I’m indecisive as a person and love designing so I really think I’m the kind of person that would be happy moving every three years (so yes, I am insane). I loved the character of an older building, but I’m excited for #alltheamenities of a new one. I’m sure I’ll buy again, but for right now, at this moment in my life, I’m happy to be renting. Read more…