DIY Pegboard Mug Storage

I don’t DIY much these days, but recently decided to embark on a project. It was inspired by two things:

  1. My mom helped me unpack my kitchen during my move and told me I have way too many mugs
  2. The mugs were one shelf lower than my wine glasses, meaning I had to climb on a chair to reach my wine glasses, and I really wanted those more easily accessible

So, I needed a mug storage solution. I decided on a pegboard and decided to paint it my favorite color: matte black. It was super easy and the project was done in a weekend.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Basic pegboard: I got mine from The Home Depot in the wood section. The holes were slightly off so I had them cut it so they were even. They were super helpful!
  • Pegboard hooks: Also found these at The Home Depot. I bought five 4-packs.
  • Primer: The white side of the pegboard had a finish so always good to prime before painting
  • Paint: I chose matte black

I put the pegboard on some garbage bags in the middle of my living room. I primed one coat and painted two coats. It was really quick (the paint dried fast). One watch out: the paint accumulated a bit between the peg holes, so when I went to lift it up off the garbage bag the same day I painted, it was still wet in hole spots. By the next morning it was completely fine.

I hung the pegboard using four screws. It was really easy!

Here are links to some of the mugs featured:

The pegboard holds 20 mugs. I guess I’m going to have to host a brunch…

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