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DIY Dark Floral Bookcase (and some great dark floral art)

Anyone else completely obsessed with dark floral art? There aren’t enough black heart emojis to accurately describe my love of dark florals. Just in case you share this obsession, I’ll include some of my favorite dark florals at the bottom of the post.

A little background on this project and brief life update. Life update first: I moved, two days ago. I traded up vintage condo living for modern apartment renting. With that, came slight downsizing, and an entirely new home. A while back I came across this Dark Floral Wallpaper by Ellie Cashman Design. It was love at first site (I’m almost 100% certain love at first site can occur with home decor).

Anyway, I have less space and am renting so I didn’t want to (nor probably would be allowed to) install wallpaper. I had an idea: dark floral the back of one of my IKEA bookcases. It seemed a little crazy and pretty high risk for me messing it up so I ran it by my friend Lauren to see if (1) it was even a good idea and (2) if she’d help and thankfully the responses were yes and yes.

I took the shelves out of the bookcase to make it easier to install and decided to prime it. Here’s a terrible low light iPhone before/after that shows the priming.

I won’t go into how to wallpaper because Ellie Cashman Design has an amazing tutorial I followed word for word, but I will give some tips:

  • We measured, then cut, then applied paste and put up the paper. When cutting the second time, it made a small gap between the top and bottom sheet that didn’t match perfectly when we put the next sheet next to it.
  • Wallpaper paste (or the one I found) came as a powder you mix with water. It says to keep mixing. Do it. We didn’t realize it had clumped and were wondering why it seemed watery. Then we found a ton of clumps when dumping. Oops.
  • If you have areas you cut badly (maybe that happened to me??), fill them in with black paint. Or, be an awesome floral painter and continue the pattern. For me, black paint worked.

I finished the project a few weeks before moving (I had more room at the condo for projects) and decided I was going to wait until I moved to photograph the final product. Here you go!

Amazing right? And even more amazing next to the black couch. Just saying…

Now on to some of my favorite dark floral art right now:

Letters to MagnoliaI will follow you into the dark

Or pretty much anything from Letters to Magnolia!

Somebody to Love

Kristybee – Boquet Deep Pink Peony Flowers

Kariherer – darkbotanical_no_6

More on the new apartment at a later date, but in the meantime, check out these rooftop views!

Now go make a dark floral bookcase immediately. You won’t regret it.

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