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2016 was a pretty good year for me travel-wise, so I decided to do a wrap up post of my favorite places and photos of the year.

San Francisco, CA

3.29.16 – 3.30.16 | work trip

My first work travel of the year was Dallas but I don’t have any fun pictures from that so we’ll begin with San Francisco (one of my absolute favorite places). This shot was taken at Baker Beach at sunset.


Sedona, AZ

4.2.16 – 4.3.16 | fun trip

I had to be in Phoenix for a work event on 4.1.16 so I decided to stay the weekend and drive to Sedona, another one of my favorites. I met my friend Leah and her dog Wrigley and we packed a lot of hiking into a day and a half.

Airport Mesa

img_0800 img_0819

Cathedral Rock hike168193b6-d37e-407b-9a8c-084cf7b1bb41

West Fork Trail


San Diego, CA

4.17.16 – 4.19.16 | work trip

A conference brought me to San Diego. I flew in on a Sunday to go explore a bit and then spent 99% of the trip working BUT made sure to catch two sunsets. The second sunset at La Jolla Cove was one of my all-time top life experiences and my #1 favorite sunset of all time. You’ll see why from the pics.

Torrey Pines


La Jolla Cove

img_1111 img_1257_2 img_1316_2 img_1338_2

Los Angeles – Newport Beach – Laguna, CA

5.4.16 | work trip

I had an all day meeting in Newport Beach in May. Rather than driving back to LA in traffic, we decided to kill some time walking around Laguna Beach where the views are spectacular and the real estate is insane.

5efc5526-a316-4616-addc-d9cfe6d8af7f d1c45c5b-ec5f-4090-bf3b-f779a853aedf d8558f33-1477-437c-8e03-87538daa3ba9

San Francisco – Half Moon Bay, CA

5.22.16 | fun trip

The start of my two week National Park road trip.

Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay


Yosemite National Park

5.24.16 – 5.25.16 | fun trip

One of the coolest places on this planet (or at least in this country). My only regret is not going on a longer trip to Yosemite. I’ll definitely return in the future.

Mirror Lake


Vernal Falls

img_0131 img_0133

Tunnel View


Glacier Point


Sequoia – Kings Canyon National Parks

5.26.16 | fun trip

Also didn’t spend enough time here. Kings Canyon requires a 3+ hour drive to fully experience. Plan for more than a day.

img_1874 img_1847 img_1841 img_0243-2

Olympic National Park

5.29.16 – 5.30.16 | fun trip

Could have spent a week here… are you sensing a theme yet? Olympic National Park was amazing. Go there.

Lake Crescent


Marymere Falls

img_2007 img_2019

Hurricane Ridge

img_2168 img_2259

North Cascades National Park

5.31.16 | fun trip

Half of North Cascades was covered in snow so I still need to go back to see the other half.

img_2337_2 img_2341 img_2347_2 img_2447

Mt. Rainier National Park

6.1.16 – 6.3.16 | fun trip

Ditto comment to North Cascades.

img_0923 img_2645

Madison – Devil’s Lake, WI

7.15.16 – 7.16.16 | fun trip

I went to visit Madison on a college tour with my cousin and mom. If you want to feel old, go to your old college town.


Memorial Union

9999f81e-d86a-48eb-a51e-5684eadd5c90 img_3248_2

Devil’s Lake


Door County, WI

7.22.16 | fun trip

My family goes here every year so it’s hard to find new things to do. However, this year, we jumped off a cliff and went to a really cool barn.

Cave Point County Park

Anderson Barn


Big Sur, Monterey, San Francisco, CA

9.24.16 – 9.28.16 | fun trip

This was my impromptu trip during my week of unemployment. Impromptu trip are the best kind.

Bixby Bridge, Big Sur


McWay Falls, Big Surimg_3880_2 img_3882

Point Lobos State Parkimg_3889_2 img_5249 img_5143

Mr. Holmes Bakehouseimg_5365 img_8403

Marshall’s Beachimg_4152_2 img_4184_2

Point Reyes National Seashore img_4222 img_4233 img_4312_2 img_4340_2

San Franciscoimg_4413_2 img_4407_2 img_4446

… and that’s a wrap. Need to plan 2017 travel ASAP. First stop: Austin, TX.

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