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Anthro Hack: DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Floor Mirror

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I’ll start by saying I really do like Anthropologie. My duvet cover is from there. So, when I saw this Laquered Mirror I immediately wanted it.


Then, I looked at the price: $998 (before tax) for the floor mirror. Yep, one thousand dollars. Seems like a bit much for a mirror. So, I decided to make it. It looked pretty easy, just a mirror on a board. I head over to The Home Depot for supplies.


Total Cost: $68.03 (before tax)

Let’s face it, this Anthro Hack was just an excuse to use Behr Cool Jazz again. But before we get to that, I had to spray paint the mirror.



The mirror had a small ridge so I used that as a guideline to tape around. I covered the inside of the mirror with garbage bags and tape to make sure that spray paint didn’t get on it. I was also spray painting another project (more to come on that in another post).

Tip #1: Mirrors are fragile. Don’t let one corner hit the ground. It will break. Another note on the mirror: there are cheaper options at Target (i.e. a $5 mirror), but they are poor quality. The reflection warped like a carnival mirror. So, better to go with a good-quality mirror. But, real mirrors can break, so be more careful than I was.

For the wood board, I didn’t want to spend upwards of $40 on wood, so I ended up buying a thinner piece and having two pieces cut at the store. Thanks Home Depot!


I glued both pieces together with wood glue and grabbed all my heavier books to weigh it down.


Tip #2: I should have clamped the boards together but didn’t. The books weren’t heavy enough. So, there was a gap in the middle of the board on both sides.

Tip #3: Buy one nice wood board instead of two. The two continued to bevel and ultimately caused the mirror to bevel. Lesson learned! 


I used a wood filler to fill it in and smooth it. Clamps would have been better, but this worked.



Once that dried, it was time to paint. Yay Cool Jazz! I don’t have a picture of the next steps: paint the mirror, glue it on with Liquid Nails.

At this point I had some imperfections with the gold spray painted part of the mirror, so I decided to tape it off and use one of my Martha Stewart gold paints (looks like it has been discontinued).





IMG_6729 IMG_6736

Anthropologie version: $998

My version: $68

anthro mirror hack title horiz

anthro mirror hack

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