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Creating an Affordable Instagram Photo Wall

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When I painted my room I took everything off the walls. I still haven’t hung anything back up, but even if I had, I still would have empty walls. The wall on the right side of the room with my closet was completely blank. It needed something.


I decided I wanted to do an Instagram photo wall. I thought of a couple ways to do this…

Option 1: Order 4×4 prints (not expensive) and individual 4×4 frames (very expensive). A 20 pack of white, 4×4 frames from Tiny Mighty Frames is $120. Cute, but expensive.

Option 2: Create a 36 x 24 inch poster. Printing cost (Walgreens photo): $29.99. White poster frame (Amazon): $23.24 + $8.95 shipping.

Option 3: Order 24 4×4 prints from Social Print Studio for $12 + $7 shipping. Pack of 10 8×8 square picture mats with 4×4 opening (Amazon): $32.97 + $10.95 shipping (for 3 packs of 10).

Before I thought about Option 3, I had decided on Option 2 and started mapped out a layout.

Instagram Wall Poster 5x5

I had a couple criteria for the photos:

  • They have to be photos I’ve taken (I love art that’s personalized. I always like my photos from a trip more than stock photos or postcards because they are tied to my experiences)
  • No selfies
  • They have to be photos of scenery, landscapes, travel, etc.

Then, I had to figure out how to organize them. Randomly? By type of photo? Or, by color? Yes, definitely by color.

Instagram Wall Poster

Then, I started filling in the photos.

Instagram Wall Poster with photos

After doing all of this, I thought of Option 3 and realized I like it a lot better. I want the framed look but not at the expense of the frames. The good news was I had already selected and mapped out the entire wall. Next, I ordered the picture mats and photo prints.


The photos were really easy to hang. I taped the prints to the mats on the backs and used double-sided hanging tape to tape them to the wall. I used a level to make sure they were straight and aligned. If they weren’t perfect, I could just pull it off of the wall and re-tape it. The tape didn’t damage the walls or paint (yet).

I’m very happy with the result. It adds a lot of color to the room and using the mats takes up a lot of space on the wall, making it a much larger display than if I just had photos.

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