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Fail-Proof Gallery Wall (and my favorite sources for affordable art)

fail proof gallery wall

I am calling this “fail-proof” because I’ve now attempted it twice and have yet to fail. I did manage to hammer my thumb twice, but twice is less than when I created my gallery wall in my living room.

Also, did you notice I have dining room furniture? I had a plastic folding table and chairs up until about two weeks ago.

Anyway, I have a lot of blank walls in my condo and not enough art covering it. I decided to create another gallery wall for my dining room. One of the most frustrating things I’ve found about creating a gallery wall is the cost of prints and frames (aren’t frames insanely over-priced??). Since I’ve attempted a gallery wall twice now, I decided to put together a blog post with some tips.

1. Buy cheap frames when you find them, and look for sales

I started this gallery wall with frames vs. art. I was at Michaels and found some Studio Decor ones. Michaels usually has a sale and coupons, making the frames somewhat cheaper. At one point they were doing a buy one get one half off (or free?) and at another they were all 40% off. I’ve learned that when I see frames I like on sale, I’ll buy a couple to have on hand. Not worth paying full price.

2. Make a plan for your wall

This was my step two. The first time I created a gallery wall, I found all the art first, then frames, then made the plan. This time, I had the frames and knew the space I would be using, so I played around in Photoshop and created a couple of options…

gallery wall option 1 gallery wall plan3

Once I decided on a layout, I started playing around with different art options. I found some prints online that I liked and combined them with my own photos (and a DIY painted ampersand).

gallery wall option 3 with art

If you already have the frames/art, you can also do this by playing around with the frames on the floor.


3. Find art

Find art. Easier said than done. Three of my favorite sources for prints are Minted, Society6 and I put together some round-ups of prints from each at the bottom of the post.

gallery wall images

one. Pining for Pineapple from Minted // two. The eye of a Zebra from Artist Rising (a division of // three. “Sailboat Regatta” from // four. Vintage Camera from Society6 // five. The Grand Canal, Venice from

4. Plan everything on the wall

I like to trace the frames and cut out contact or construction paper. One important step here: make sure to mark where the nail goes. You can move around everything on the wall and make sure it is centered and at the right height. Use a level for this step to make sure everything is lines up straight. I leave these up until I swap the paper out for pictures.


This is how my dining room gallery wall turned out. So far, I’m very happy with it!

IMG_4707 IMG_4712 IMG_4716

As promised, here are some of my favorite sources for affordable art. I rounded up some prints from each to share.



one. Flora in Peach 1 by Yao Cheng – $24 for an 8×10 // two. Hello Zebra! by Gaucho Works – $24 for an 8×10 // three. Mid-Century Moments by That Girl Studio – $22 for an 8×8 // four. Apertures No. 2 by Genna Cowsert – $24 for an 8×10 // five. California Dreams by Alexandra Nazari – $24 for an 8×10 // six. Opus by Katie Craig – $22 for an 8×8



one. The ocean, the sea, the wave by Budi Satria Kwan – $19.97 for a 7×10 // two. Palm trees by Bree Madden – $18 for a 10×7 // three. Voyages over Edinburgh by David Fleck – $18 for an 8×10 // four. Up by Derek Temple – $15.50 for an 8×10 // five. PIVOT! by Lee Thomas – $13.52 for an 8×10 // six. Pineapple by Sibling & Co. – $18 for an 8×10

Had to include the PIVOT! print because Friends was the greatest show on television.

one. Pot Plant and Vividly Painted Facade, Burano – $29.99 for a 12×16 // two. Rorschach Art Print by Andy Warhol – $14.99 for an 11×14 // three. Bicycle Display at Swiss Transport Museum – $29.99 for a 12×16 // four. Style is Timeless Midcentury Chairs – $24.99 for a 12×16 // five. Loyalty – $17.99 for an 18×20 // six. The Cafe Terrace on the Place Du Forum by Vincent Van Gogh – $19.99 for a 24×32

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